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OTB Gear "Eagle" 2 Barrel Air Cleaner
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84,99 EUR
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OTB Gear "Eagle" 2 Barrel Air Cleaner
OTB Gear "Eagle" 2 Barrel Air Cleaner  
  84,99 EUR *  
* inkl. 19,00% MwSt. zzgl. Versand
OTB Gear "Eagle" 2 Barrel Air Cleaner
Take flight while parked! This aggressive design was inspired by the radiator cap of the '28 Studebaker President. Cast from A-356 aircraft grade alloy and finished to show standards. Each comes with our 2"X4" Platinum Series filter (see filter details) for practicality and appearance. All visible surfaces are polished - others may only polish the raised areas. The base casting is precision bored, with an internal shoulder to snugly fit your carburetor - not simply "cast to fit" as others may do. Our internal shoulder also keeps the cleaner from rocking around. Compare our features, we come out shining.

Fits type 94,97, and 98 carbs, securing with a stainless socket set screw.