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OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter
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Artikelnr.: 4020
23,79 EUR
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OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter
OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter  
  23,79 EUR *  
* inkl. 19,00% MwSt. zzgl. Versand
OTB Gear "Bug Dome" Luftfilter
Der Filter passt auf 2-fach Vergaser wie Stromberg oder Rochester und verhindert, dass Schmutz in den Vergaser gelangt. Für 48-50mm.

Bug Domes will keep the big stuff out of your 2 barrel carburetors. Bugs, stones and loose screws are not healthy additives for your engine. This sturdy product is totally fabricated out of stainless steel and fits within the throat of your trusty old Stromberg, Holley, and Ford brand carbs, including types 48 - 81 - 94 and 97. Since Bug Domes fit within the I.D. of the carb throat, you can use them with popular slip over accessories such velocity tubes. We thought it was about time to build this type of product the right way... and at the right price.